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We’ve designed our Affiliate program to offer you maximum potential. Become an
Affiliate with FxSway and take advantage of weekly payouts and unlimited commissions.

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On top of generous commissions and outstanding customer service, Affiliates gain the support of a market leader by partnering with a recognized and trusted brand.
At FxSway, we look after our clients. This means that when you refer other traders to us we will handle everything from your referrals account opening to fund security, freeing up your time to focus on growing your Affiliate Business.

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Our Affiliate portal allows Affiliates to substantially increase their earning potential through superior Affiliate infrastructure, top-notch marketing support and enhanced reporting.


Becoming An FxSway Affiliate Means:
  1. Easy set-up
  2. Access to an exclusive Affiliate portal equipped with live tracking & advanced analytics features
  3. Weekly, reliable payouts
  4. Uncapped commissions
  5. No set-up fees
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Join our Affiliate program and earn ongoing commissions from the trading activity of your clients.

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Start referring your network and track commissions you earn from your referrals in real-time via our advanced Affiliate Portal.

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Earn competitive and weekly commissions when your clients trade. The more you refer and the more they trade, the more YOU EARN!

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