Can I Update/Change my Personal Details?

Modified on: 24th May 2024


Before starting the verification process, it is important to have the correct details listed on your account. Here’s a guide on how to update your account details:

Unverified traders who haven’t started verification can update:

  • Phone Number: Change or update the registered phone number.
  • Date of Birth: Correct any inaccuracies or update the birthdate on file.
  • Full Name: Modify the displayed full name.
  • Residential Address: Change the provided address.
  • Email Address: Change the provided email address.

Steps to Update Account Details:

  1. Log in to your account using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab. Scroll down to find the personal information section.
  3. Edit Information: Update phone number, date of birth, name,adrress or email address.
  4. Confirm and save alterations before exiting.

By following these steps, traders can manage and ensure accuracy in their account details before starting the verification process. Keeping information up-to-date enhances the user experience and security.

For security purposes, in the event of an email address change, notifications regarding the change will be sent to both your old and new email addresses. lf 2FA was enabled using your old email address, it will be automatically deactivated as part of the email address change process.

For further assistance or inquiries about account changes, reach out to our customer support team for prompt help.

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