How can I withdraw my Offers?

Modified on: 6th December 2023


Once you start earning fees from the offers, they will be available within your Fund. If you do not withdraw them, they will become part of the pool of funds and therefore, be used for trading.

This will allow you to start earning with your investors, seeing as you will own a share of the fund. You are able to view the total balance of your fees from the Info section within your fund.

You may however, withdraw your earned fees at any time.


How to withdraw your offer fees.

  • Select the three dots and click on Withdraw.

  • Enter the amount in the field.

  • The funds are now available in your Manager account. Simply transfer them back to your FxSway account to withdraw them.



How to make this process automated


You may avoid your funds going into the pool of funds by:


  • Select the three dots and click on Edit.

  • Tick the Automatically Withdraw Fees box. This feature will send any fees directly to your Manager account!





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