Joining our Telegram Channel

Modified on: 6th December 2023

Would you like to join the FXSway Telegram channel?

Start with setting up your Telegram account:

  • Open the application store on your device and download/install Telegram.
  • Open the Telegram application and click/tap on the Start Messaging button.



  • Select your country and provide your mobile number.
  • Click/tap on the arrow icon to move to the next step. 



  • Enter the OTP code you will receive via an SMS message. 

Once done your Telegram account will be set and ready to use.

To join the FXSway channel:

  • Type “FxSway Official Telegram” in the Telegram search bar or join via direct link: click here.


  • Click/Tap the Join button and become a part of the FXSway Telegram community.




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