Monitoring your Trades

Modified on: 6th December 2023

To handle your Trades like an expert, follow the steps below:


After you’ve opened a trade, go to the top of the page and click the Positions icon.


You can see your Margin, Equity, Profit & Loss, as well as any live trades that are currently open.


The following information is located beneath the Margin information:


Open: Displays any ongoing transactions as well as their data.


Pending: Displays any pending purchases and their associated info.


Trades: Displays ALL executed transactions, including open, pending, and terminated contracts.


History: Displays ONLY closed transactions.


When you tap on an active trade, you will see the following icons:


  1. Copy Trade ID icon.

Copy a trade ID with this option in case you need to contact our Trade Support staff.


  1. Edit Trade Button.

This option enables you to change your Stop Loss and Take Profit settings.


  1. Partially Close Trade Button.

This button enables you to end some lots on a transaction without closing the entire position, as long as more than 0.01 lots are exchanged.


  1. Close Trade button.

This button enables you to completely exit your transaction. After a transaction has been completely concluded, it can be viewed in the Trades or History areas.


Please keep in mind that when you close a transaction, a pop-up window will typically appear requesting you to Confirm; however, if you have one-click trading activated, no confirmation notifications will appear. This will happen both when partly and completely closing a transaction.

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