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How do I use the Fib Retracement tool on TradeLocker?
The Fib Retracement Tool from TradeLocker is a valuable resource that uses Fibonacci ratios to help identify possible levels of support and resistance. This application helps traders adopt an organized approach to market analysis. Through the use of pre-established Fibonacci ratios, it quickly pinpoints probable places of reversal, making it invaluable to followers of current […]
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Adding Funds To Your Account Directly From TradeLocker
Adding funds to your Live Account is now easy with TradeLocker!   All you need to do is follow these simple steps:   Step 1: Click here to access your TradeLocker Account. If you don’t have a Trading Account yet, create your first one by following our helpful guide on How to Create a TradeLocker Account.   Step 2: Locate […]
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Checking Market Availability
Step-By-Step Guide: Log in to your TradeLocker account. Click on the Positions Button located at the top of the screen. Scroll down or search for the pair/instrument you want to check. If the color of the pair/instrument is grey, it means that the market is closed at that time (text indicating this will also be visible). If the market is open, […]
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Taking a Picture of Your Charts 
TradeLocker allows you to take a snapshot of any pair or instrument on the trading chart that you can save or share with others. Follow these steps to do it: Log in to your TradeLocker account. Choose a pair or instrument you want to take a snapshot of. Look for the camera icon on the top right corner of […]
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Monitoring your Trades
To handle your Trades like an expert, follow the steps below:   After you’ve opened a trade, go to the top of the page and click the Positions icon.   You can see your Margin, Equity, Profit & Loss, as well as any live trades that are currently open.   The following information is located beneath the Margin information:   Open: Displays […]
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Placing your First Trade on Tradelocker
Step-by-Step Guide: Placing a Trade on TradeLocker with FXSway Click on the Pairs button at the top left of the TradeLocker interface. Use the search bar to find the instrument or pair you want to trade. Tap on the instrument or pair you want to trade. Tap on the “Trade” button. Tap on the arrow to set the parameters of your trade. Choose whether you […]
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TradeLocker User Interface Tutorial 
Refer to the guide below for an overview of the TradeLocker user interface:   Instruments/Pairs section:  Navigating to this area will display all of the instruments/pairs available for trading on TradeLocker. A convenient search box is included at the top so that traders can quickly zero in on their preferred pairs.   Portfolio: Tapping here […]
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Usage of Bots and Expert Advisors
EAs and trading bots are not accessible on TradeLocker. As we continue to collaborate closely with our Supplier, this should eventually be accessible in the future.  
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Toggling One-Click Trading
You can easily switch One-Click Trading on or off on your TradeLocker Account by: Tapping on the icon on the top right-hand side of your screen. Toggling One-click trading on/off.
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Customizing your TradeLocker Charts
TradeLocker offers charting through TradingView, allowing traders the choice of a variety of customization tools.   To easily alternate between chart styles, tap on the “style switcher” to view and select your preferred chart. If you are looking to add more changes to your charts: Double tap on any active part of your chart (such as a […]
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Trading With Different Pair Types
FXSway offers its traders the opportunity to trade Forex Pairs with variations in their spread or lot size offering. When searching for any Forex Pair on TradeLocker, you will find the following types of pairs: Standard pairs which have a medium spread and a $7 commission per lot. (e.g., EUR/USD) Pro pairs which have a tight spread […]
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Logging into TradeLocker
How to Log In to TradeLocker on your mobile or computer: Go to Enter your username (email) and password provided via email. Enter FXS as your server. Click Log in. You can also access your TradeLocker account by logging into your FXSway Account, going to the Accounts section, and tapping on Launch next to the account you wish to […]
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Multiple Accounts on TradeLocker
When using TradeLocker with FXSway, there are no restrictions on the number of trading accounts you can open.   You can also easily switch between accounts by following this Step-by-step Guide: When logged into any of your TradeLocker Accounts, select the Profile Settings section. Click/Tap on whichever Account ID you would like to access.
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Creating a TradeLocker Account
Once you have made your first deposit with FXSway, you can easily open your first Live TradeLocker account.   Step-by-step Guide: From the Dashboard, choose the Accounts section. In this section, click on Create Account. Select the Trading Platform and Account Type: FXSway TradeLocker ECN for a real/live account. FXSway TradeLocker DEMO for a demo account with virtual funds. […]
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